Hi. I’m Kate Doran and I am not a professional organizer. I’m a recovering restauranteur/CPA with a passion for systems, harmony, collaboration and growth.

What would a restaurant owner turned CFO know about decluttering? As it turns out, quite a bit.

The first best task of any good leader is to identify what is getting in the way of optimal performance. What inefficiencies drag the crew down? What irritants drain creative energy? What safeguards and supports would allow people to relax into being their best?

There may be physical, external, systems related barriers. And, because people are involved, there will be internal, emotional resistance related barriers.  The great joy of my professional careers has been identifying and removing the things that get in the way of growth. Three years ago I got clear that I wanted to make this my full time job.

So now I assist people to declutter and I’m having way more fun! I can help you figure out what’s not working in your space, what’s draining your energy, what might work better for you. And, if you would like to resolve some of the internal resistance that shows up when you try to declutter (and we all encounter resistance) I can support you in that too.

I could not be more excited about the permanent, positive change that results from not only having decluttered, but also from embracing the process of decluttering. It’s not about being organized or having tidy cupboards you’d be willing to show to guests. It’s about creating an environment for yourself that supports your best life.

I would consider it an honour to help.