Step 1

Give me a call and let’s chat. 1-250-792-1218

Step 2

Half hour consult – free

Either in person or by facetime or skype, you will take me on a tour of your area(s) of concern. We can discuss strategies, possible solutions and where to go from here.

This is a no pressure consult. I want you to be free to decide what feels right for you. I don’t hold any expectation when I come to call.


Ideally we do this in person. Why? If you’re anything like me, inviting me into your home, especially to see the bits you may otherwise hide from guests, can be nerve racking. Better to see how this goes before you’re committed. Also, if we do decide to work together, this step is already out of the way.

Of course, doing this in person isn’t a “deal breaker.” If you live outside my central service area (Parksville to Campbell River) there would be a travel cost associated, so facetime or skype might make more sense.

Step 3

Choose your next step

Two hour planning collaboration – $100

If you want to declutter on your own but would like help coming up with a plan, pointers, and pitfalls, I can help. We can meet in your home, or by facetime or skype.

Three hour project- $150

A specific project we will complete in one shot. This is a great way to kick start decluttering or focus on a specific, narrow type of clutter. The results can be immediate and immensely gratifying. We can accomplish more than you think!

Good three hour projects


  • Papers (90% of them can go!)
  • Spice drawer (didn’t even know it was bugging you, did you?)
  • Bathroom cabinets (small space, BIG impact)
  • Books (assuming you DON’T have strong emotional attachment to all books)
  • Frozen food
  • Linens
  • Christmas clutter

Note: Three hours isn’t enough time if the clutter you’re addressing holds an emotional charge.

Two day project – $350

Most problem areas can be decluttered in two 4 hour sessions over two consecutive days. Immersion in a specific type of clutter will allow you to focus on what you truly want to keep,  and I will support you through those moments of resistance.

Good two day projects


  • Clothes
  • Tools
  • Kitchenware/food
  • Garden equipment
  • Books (assuming you DO have strong emotional attachment to all books)
  • CD’s/DVD’s
  • Office space
  • Sports gear

Eight weeks of coaching – $400

You may prefer a slow, cumulative approach. The eight week program includes:

  • Week one –  2 hour in home  consultation
  • Weeks two – four –  ½ hour phone check in each week
  • Week five – 2 hour in home consultation
  • Weeks six – eight – ½ hour phone check in each week
  • We top it off with 1 hour in your home celebrating the results and chatting about next steps!

None of these services what you’re looking for? Let’s customize!